We have a range of cost-effective services to upgrade and maintain your car's finish. Call us on 07860 728548 to enquire/book a visit or use the bookings page.

Wash & Leathered Dry

  • Door shuts wiped
  • Tyres dressed
  • Alloys sealed
  • Air freshened

from £10.00


  • Wash & leathered dry
  • Vacuum interior inc. boot
  • Windows cleaned inside & out
  • Tyres dressed
  • Alloys Sealed
  • Dashboard cleaned & detailed

from £15.00


As mini-valet PLUS

  • Full body wax
  • Headlining cleaned
  • Seats shampooed/leather cleaned & fed
  • Engine detailed

P.O.A. (typically from £50.00)

High Definition Wax

  • Wash & leathered dry
  • Hand applied hard wax: protects against salt-water & UV rays, effective for up to 60 washes

from £20.00

Scratches, Scuffs & Dents

Prices subject to survey

Why Autoglym?

AutoGlym car care products offer you long-term protection and shine, no matter what vehicle you own. Our exclusive range of services ensure no part of your vehicle will be left uncared for. Full retail range of products available.

Steve Fussel
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